Keeping Sane

I had so many hopes for this when I re-purchased the name. Gracewithin was my beloved, and no doubt where many of you first met me. It died a long time ago, along with that of the original “old school” blogger community. Now it’s something completely new and different, and I’m trying to find a place where I can still have my virtual “home.”

It used to be that you would sign into your Greymatter blog and write about your day. It was a place where no one in your “real” life knew you, so you could say whatever you wanted. Or, if you were like me, you had a nickname you went by so it wasn’t completely obvious who you were. I would sit in front of my old candy colored Dell desktop for hours, reading and commenting on fellow bloggers’ posts, feeling less alone in the world, because we all had the same sorrows and frustrations.

Now? Now it’s all about blogging for something. For money. To teach. To share. To review. No one just writes anymore. Or, if they do, they’ve fallen by the wayside behind the littering of mass mommy-blogs and review sites.

And I have no idea how to even do that. My thought was to resurrect as an “old school” blog, but I realized that I don’t even have time to do that anymore. Reality has sunk in – being an adult and a blogger is some damn hard work.

I have a pile of domain names with good intentions:,,… But, as you can click and see… they haven’t exactly become anything.

But they will! I swear, they will. I just… need a minute.


So, I’m typing this from my phone. I’m hoping in a few weeks I will be the owner of a shiny new-to-me laptop, in which I will undoubtably use for more blog posts than you could shake a stick at (uh huh), but right now I’m getting that itch to write.

…and after installing this damn app, and struggling to remember my username and password, I’ve lost it. I blame the alcohol.

So… To be continued?


…from the dead? Maybe.

I thought I had more to say right now, but my mind is foggy. All I know is that today I have brought GraceWithin back. My original home on the internet. Hopefully it will bring me some of the solace it used to.